• Incessant evolution and
    Incessant evolution and material quality to guarantee performance
  • Flexibility and suitability
    Flexibility and suitability these are our driveshafts best features
  • Combined safety devices
    Combined safety devices to reduce the cost of storage and repair
  • a wide range of profiles
    a wide range of profiles for telescopic tubes...to make the difference

Spare parts

EUROCARDAN offers different typologies of products and spare parts, as well as different series and sizes, in order to grant the best product’s choice according to the kind of application.

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  Name Description Category
Serie di crociere

They are the most important part of the drive shaft since the directly condition the long durability of the drive shaft.
For these reason the crosses must be made by keeping high quality standards in order to grant the right and long performance in hard conditions like the agricultural ones.


Spare parts
external yokes
External yokes

The driveshafts must be attached to the tractor’s power take-off (PTO) and to the implement’s one (PIC, Power Input Connection). Eurocardan offers a variety of fastening to meet different application needs.

External Yokes
complete yokes
Complete yokes

These are particular transmission devices used to hitch drive shafts which are at a very close and not variable distance.

Spare parts
protections, ring nuts (plugs) and covers
Protections, ring nuts (plugs) and covers

EUROCARDAN protections, ring nuts (plugs) and covers protections have been studied in order to fulfill to current safety regulations and are made of quality material that optimize the long resistance and durability. 

Spare parts
Telescopic tubes
Telescopic tubes

Eurocardan offers a wide range of telescopic solutions  that allows the motion transmission in several applications.

Spare parts