• Incessant evolution and
    Incessant evolution and material quality to guarantee performance
  • Flexibility and suitability
    Flexibility and suitability these are our driveshafts best features
  • Combined safety devices
    Combined safety devices to reduce the cost of storage and repair
  • a wide range of profiles
    a wide range of profiles for telescopic tubes...to make the difference


Category: Spare parts

They are the most important part of the drive shaft since they directly condition the durability of it. The nominal torque of the driveshaft is the torque to which corresponds the durability of the yoke of 1000 hours with swivel angle of 5°, speed 540 rpm; the values of the torque and of the transmittable power are obtained through the combination, with suitable coefficients, of the values of both crosses and tubes.
For those reasons, crosses must always be made by fulfilling high quality standards in order to allow the correct and long-lasting performance in hard conditions like the agricultural ones.

If crosses are ordered like spare parts, they are supplied with four elastic rings, required during the assembling process, sold in single packages.


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