• Incessant evolution and
    Incessant evolution and material quality to guarantee performance
  • Flexibility and suitability
    Flexibility and suitability these are our driveshafts best features
  • Combined safety devices
    Combined safety devices to reduce the cost of storage and repair
  • a wide range of profiles
    a wide range of profiles for telescopic tubes...to make the difference

BCM – multifunctional driveshaft bench

Banco multifunzioneThe multifunction driveshaft bench (BCM) perfectly matches the needs of service centers for agricultural machines, because it allows to easily carry out the different operations that are necessary for a complete service on a PTO shaft.

The bench has been designed to allow the incorporation of four different working positions in a sole equipment of small dimensions. Each working position is aimed to a specific operation. In this way the equipping times are reduced almost to zero because you just need to move from one working station to the other one, which is already equipped for the operation to be done, just turning around the bench.






The bench is equipped with tools and universal clamping, such as the particular self-centering vice,  that ensures the perfect matching with all kinds of tubes, yokes and safety devices. The bench is also equipped with all tools, that are necessary to make the common mechanical repair operations on PTO shafts.