• Incessant evolution and
    Incessant evolution and material quality to guarantee performance
  • Flexibility and suitability
    Flexibility and suitability these are our driveshafts best features
  • Combined safety devices
    Combined safety devices to reduce the cost of storage and repair
  • a wide range of profiles
    a wide range of profiles for telescopic tubes...to make the difference

Vision & Mission

Technology and dynamism are the main values of Eurocardan spa.

Our mission is to create value for the customer through innovation and ongoing research of the most suitable solutions to his technical, sales and economic requirements.


The analysis and project laboratories of Eurocardan, which are equipped with the latest technical processing systems, are constantly committed on product improvement and on research for brand-new technological solutions.

To obtain the maximal efficiency, strict and systematic tests are carried out. In this way the quality of Eurocardan products and the fulfillment of new security regulations set by European Union are guaranteed.
Furthermore, the technical service, thanks to a close cooperation with the customers, guarantees the optimization and the development of specific programs as well as the individuation and solution of every kind of problem.

TECHNOLOGY – Guarantee of Italian innovation

Eurocardan goals are always been to understand the needs of customer and society, finding new technologies to satisfy them.
The commitment in the development of new innovative technologies has led to the achievement of new patents, designed to facilitate the maintenance and use of drive shafts:

• System of centralized greasing;
• Automatic lubrication system;
• System for automatic insertion of end yokes.