York tubes

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The York® telescopic profile is the result of painstaking design, research and experimental work, the result being a truly high-tech transmissions compared to those typically in use.
Its original design is based on the concept that the threecontact transmission is the type which offers the most even and regular sub-division of the forces and surface pressures between pipes, thereby preventing any false contacts or uneven stress levels on the various support surfaces which would otherwise jeopardize the duration of the system itself.
It therefore provides a winning combination of resistance, duration and efficiency.
The particular configuration of the York® pipes, permit a large contact area between them as well as a line of stress action at a great distance from the axis, thereby drastically reducing the contact pressure and stress levels.
Great attention has also been given to the optimization of the material used which being concentrated at the edge, significantly increases the mechanical resistance at parity of weight.

Another important feature of new York® profile is that both the internal and external pipe have been realized according to non-homogeneous, but variable geometry which, once coupled together, generate three semi-cylindrical conduits which are used for lubrication.